Length: 7.9km
Elevation gain: 757m
Required time: 4-5 Hours
Route type: Loop
Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced
Price: $90

In the shadow of the iconic Table Mountain lies a lesser-known gem for hiking enthusiasts—The Tranquility Cracks on the Twelve Apostles side. Tucked away amidst the rugged beauty of this mountain range, these geological formations offer a tranquil escape, inviting adventurers to discover a unique blend of natural beauty, solitude, and serenity.

tranquility cracks up close


The hike starts from Theresa Avenue. From there we hike up to the Pipe Track and traverse along this until we reach Corridor Ravine.

We then begin the ascent. Corridor Ravine like other ravines on the 12 Apostles is steep and unrelenting. Near the top there are sections with loose rock and so caution should be exercised.

Once on top we turn left and meander our way until we reach the elusive Tranquility Cracks. You’ll know when you’ve arrived because the rock formations are truly incredible, espcially for this part of the Western Cape

The labyrinth of walkways running through the rock formations can be both awe inspiring and confusing. Because of this, it’s always hard to know whether one has really witnessed the full extent of the Tranquility Cracks.

Once exiting the cracks we make our descent down via either Woody Ravine or Kasteelspoort depending on timing and weather conditions. This enchanting Table Mountain hike is not to be missed.

walking through tranquility cracks


The journey to the Tranquility Cracks also allows hikers to immerse themselves in the unique flora and fauna the Twelve Apostles has to offer. The fynbos vegetation, adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountain, showcases an array of endemic species, including vibrant proteas.

Also look out for a wide variety of different ferns that make their home in the deep recesses of the cracks.

Birdwatchers will appreciate the opportunity to spot birds of prey soaring above, adding an avian dimension to the natural beauty that surrounds the Tranquility Cracks.